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In Support of
Aileen Gunther

By Jeff Berkman

  The New York state Assembly and the people of Sullivan and Orange counties must endure the loss of Jacob E. Gunther III. We are compelled to choose his replacement. Our next Assembly member must work with others to make New York state more responsive by creating a better way to fund our public schools and assist local governments in community renewal and job creation.

   I have been friends with Aileen Gunther for about 30 years. When Jake was elected to the Assembly, I served as his legislative director for several years in Albany and in the district.

   I know Aileen Gunther to be a capable, energetic and intelligent woman. It is a safe bet that she will use her talents to strengthen our public schools and our SUNY system of higher education. She will use her experience to take a new look at public health problems. She will listen to and work with those committed to community development and renewal and governmental reform.

   Aileen Gunther will focus her determination and energy on service to the people of Sullivan and Orange counties.

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