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Tuesday, December 19, 2000

Berkman calls for termination of consideration for landfills

Middletown - Orange County Legislator, Jeffrey D. Berkman (20" District, Middletown, Wallkill) has drafted and submitted a Resolution calling for the Legislature to terminate consideration of 17 proposed landfill sites and officially declare them to be null and void.

Berkman stated, 'The study of these locations is obsolete and contrary to public policy. Orange County has a solid waste policy in effect and landfills should explicitly be rejected from all govemmental consideration. It supports local govemment's efforts in
protecting our waterways and the health and safety of our communities."

According to Berkman, "This resolution accomplishes three objectives."

"First, it expunges the county records of any official consideration of any potential sites for landfills including 17 obsolete locations."

"Second, it protects waterways, wetlands and water resources from possible future landfill encroachments. Third, it encourages local municipalities in the protection of the environment"

Berkman's resolution requests legislative support for local municipal zoning and planning restrictions on landfill sites. He encourages local governments to ban private landfills from being in close proximity of schools and other public accommodations.

The Orange County Legislature is expected to vote on this issue during IB December 20, 2000 legislative session at 1:30 p.m.

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