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May 26, 2000

Berkman announces expanded bus service plan.

Middletown, NY - Jeffrey D. Berkman, representing Middletown and Wallkill (20th District), recently announced his plan for expanding bus service linking the City of Middletown, Town of Wallkill, and surrounding communities before the Physical - Services Committee of the Orange County Legislature.

The plan calls for bus service linking Downtown Middletown with the medical facilities and doctors' offices on Crystal Run Road, the train station, and the shopping areas along Route 211.

Legislator Berkman stated, "Orange County must commit itself to providing affordable transportation for its urban residents. The people of Middletown need to have affordable transportation links to Horton Medical Pavilion and nearby doctors' offices as well as to the train station, businesses, and shopping areas in the Crystal Run Road and Route 211 corridors."

Berkman added, "Our workforce needs affordable, reliable, and regularly scheduled transportation to their jobs and to the services provided."

Legislator Berkman acknowledges Middletown School Officials' and Parents' concerns and calls for the review, reevaluation and possible modification of bus stops to improve accessibility to Monhagen Middle School and Maple Hill Elementary School, which can improve attendance and provide opportunities for increased participation in after school activities for children and parents

Berkman developed the plan after considering constituent suggestions regarding expanding bus service and discussions with Orange County, Middletown School District and Horton Hospital Officials, as well as with Parent-Teacher Organization members and business owners.

Berkman recommended his plan to Multisystem, Inc., the consulting company, retained by Orange County, conducting a countywide transportation needs study.

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