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* This article first appeared in The Times Herald-Record on October 21, 2001. Used by permission.



October 21, 2001

News briefs

Asthma program kicks off
Everyone knows someone with asthma.
That's what county outreach workers found as they kicked off a campaign to educate city residents about the widespread lung disorder Friday.
For "Asthma Blitz Day," workers from the Orange County Department of Health and the American Lung Association of Hudson Valley passed out fliers at College Hill Apartment off South Street and at Linden Park.
"The kids all knew somebody who had asthma," said Pat Bryan, a county Health Department coordinator.
Part of what is being called a pilot program, the campaign will visit schools and all areas of the city in coming weeks.
Bryan's hope is that people with asthma will be put in touch with medical care and educators who can help parents and children understand the lung disease.
Second-hand smoke, for instance, is "extremely dangerous" for people with asthma, she said. Stuffed animals can also trigger attacks because of the dust they collect.
The outreach effort is being funded by a $20,000 state grant, obtained through the sponsorship of county Legislator Jeff Berkman. A Middletown native, Berkman said he was pleased the money would be used in the city to help people cope with and learn about asthma.
Urban areas have higher rates of asthma than other areas, Berkman said. "It's important that Orange County uses its resources in areas of most critical need."


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